Stopping gambling

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Having ability to live a life with joy and enjoyment is a skill. Some people have it naturally, most people have to work at it.

Some people really enjoy the life that they are in, many people struggle to put up with the life they have.

Counselling can help to bring the reality of what you want to the life that you have. 

I help problem gamblers to help themselves to stop gambling. All gamblers really do have control of their gambling; whether they use that control is their decision. Counselling can help that control be used.   For further information please see my  other website at:

How to stop gambling.

The counselling works towards the client altering their belief pattern around gambling. Although gambling often has a negative financial  problem result, the reasons why people gamble are often complicated. They are rarely only a desire to 'make easy money'. Counselling works to understand what are the reasons why a person is gambling, then work towards bringing alternatives to those reasons to change the gambling behaviors and beliefs.


Change requires motivation.Those may be a desire to maintain a relationship, a business relationship, or a level of standard in life.

Motivations are important. If the motivation to not gamble is higher than the motivation to gamble, then a person will not gamble. 

Changing habits.

Gambling is a habit. Habits can be changed. An example for many people is the way that they fold their arms. Changing the manner in which a person changes their arms can sometimes be difficult or strange, however it is only a habit.

Maintaining changing to life.

After 'changing to stop gambling', life will be different. Family life will be different, company and business life will be different. Financial life will be different.

Understanding how people are tempted to gamble.

If people understand how they are being tempted, or manipulated, towards gambling they are more prepared to resist that manipulation.