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Getting a job, or realising that you are going to live for an extended time in a foreign situation is initially exhilarating, then often scary. In many cases you will not be able to visit the location in which you will be living. Wherever the location and whatever the situation, it will be different; in some cases very different.

For dependants, partners and wives it will often feel even more different. In many situations the family or partner will have more to adjust to. Social life will be different, television may be limited or non-existant in a known language, sports and overall life may often be very different.

Even if accommodation is provided there will be many adjustments necessary. Getting used to different manners of socialising, of purchasing items and shopping, of schools and clubs will all take time.

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Moving to or from UK, either from an overseas job or living overseas, can be distressing. That distress is often unexpected, as it should be a situation of enjoyment which you have been looking forward to. The mental conflict of an expectation not meeting the anticipation is often a problem for people.

If a person has lived overseas for a considerable period of time they will have been exposed to and become used to a different lifestyle. That lifestyle may include more financial income, a more relaxed lifestyle, different climate, extensive travel, having staff, - in overall being a "bigger fish in a smaller pond".


Returning to UK after living and working overseas as an expat is often experienced as a shock. Whilst retaining ties and empathy with UK situations, many expatriates and families build a mental wall of "yes - but I am different".


There is usually a cultural shock to working and living in a different location. That shock will affect different people in different ways. The shock will occur when moving overseas, as well as returning. The return is more likely to be more of a shock, as for many people it will be a demotion, or an end of a wealthy phase of their lives - for now.


Much of that difficulty is that they will not understand it - there is a mental conflict. It is hard to accept that an English person, brought up in UK, should find it difficult or uncomfortable to live here. There is the thought "I have lived and worked in many overseas places, adapting back to UK should be easy".


That is one side of the thought process; another side is that in some ways it is a negative move - less money, less of the feeling of being the "big fish", etc. For many people, these thoughts are not 'nice', or the way they 'should be thinking'. They are suppressed, causing emotional conflict. Counselling helps with that conflict.


I have extensive experience of living and working in many areas of the world as a technician, supervisor, manager and managing director; in enjoyable as well as 'challenging' locations. I am familiar, from a personal viewpoint, with the stresses that occur whilst juggling pressures of work and personal life.


I know that it is often more difficult for families and partners than for the employee, especially when living in an "expatriate" environment.

Counselling will often bring clarity and reality to problems, bringing enjoyment and purpose to lives - of clients and their families.

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