Gamblers and lies.

Gamblers and lies.  Brian Dennis counselling.

Most gamblers have to lie. The alternative is to be a person without any social life, having little interaction with other people, including family and friends - acting as a hermit. The reason for the lies is generally their perceived belief, correct or not, that the gambling will be critisesed. If a gambler loses money,  reactions are likely to be critical; if a gambler wins money, the reactions are likely to be critical of their gambling activity. There will be few instances that the gambler is encouraged and congratulated for the gambling.


Common lies and excuses of gamblers are:

  • The money must have fallen out of my wallet.
  • The bank has made a mistake.
  • Somebody cheated me.
  • The website is a fraud.
  • I was on a winning streak.
  • I was just about to win back my losses, if only I could have gambled for longer. 
  • The luck was just about to change; it was due to start to begin the winning phase.
  • There are many more, some gamblers think that the more outrageous are more likely to be believed.

The hidden emotion is that the gambler is not responsible for their actions and losses in gambling. Frequently they have decided that some other person or entity is responsible for the losses. The situation suggests disassociation with the reality of the gambling activity.

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