Establishing overseas.

Counselling for  Expats.  Brian Dennis. M.A.   MBACP (Accred.)

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Having ability to live a life with joy and enjoyment is a skill. Some people have it naturally, most people have to work at it.

Some people really enjoy the life that they are in, many people struggle to put up with the life they have.

Counselling can help to bring the reality of what is possible to the life that you have. 

Counselling provides the opportunity to  realise experiences should be happy and rewarding memories. Counselling may help towards establishing and relishing  those memories.         For further information please see my  website at:

Getting a job, or realising that you are going to live for an extended time in a foreign situation is exhilarating, then often scary. In many cases you will not have been able to visit the location in which you be living. Wherever the location and whatever the situation, it will be different; in some cases very different.

For dependants, partners and wives it will often feel even more different. In many situations the family or partner will have more to adjust to. Social life will be different, television will be limited or non-existant in a known language.

Even if accommodation is provided there will be many adjustments necessary. Getting used to different manners of socialising, of purchasing items and shopping, of schools and clubs will all take time.

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